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Sabtu, 15 Juni 2013

Lakey Beach

Lakey beach - Hu'u located approximately 5 hours from the city of Sumbawa Besar and Dompu town takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to the south. Lakey beach-Hu'u greatness has 4 types of waves, namely: Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe and Periscop.  
And a few kilometers off the coast Lakey you'll find another spot that is not less great, known as Periscope, the most consistent and powerful in the surf at Lakey Lakey Peak. 

For those of you who want to hunt the wind and challenging waves malignancy or simply enjoy the beauty of nature at Lakey Beach takes about 2 hours from the airport Mohammed Salahuddin, Bima, can be traveled by bike or by car (car rental Rp. 600 thousand), or by bus to Dompu rate of about Rp. 50 thousand to the terminal Ginte, Dompu District. Then it rose public transportation at a rate of Rp. 200 thousand to Rp. 300 thousand.