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Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

Short Story

“Yes Madam, Your name please” asked the beautiful girl behind the ticket checking counter. “Ms Anamika” said I, curtly. I wondered how long she will look beautiful enough to continue in this job.

“Yours?” I though she will ask my spouse. Surprisingly she did not. Rita still looked as beautiful as she was when we got married 11 years back.

The girl looked at both of us and she was trying to hide a smile. I felt I could read her thoughts. I know these people. She was thinking how we managed it. She was wondering how we had sex and whether we did not have the desire to have kids. She must have also wondered what we would do in old age.

I was used to these. They are always there wherever I go out with her. Rita smiled at me. We collected our boarding passes. After walking a few steps, I turned back to see her. She was whispering something to her colleagues. I was visibly upset and was going to bitch about her, when Rita spoke.

“Gita, my daughter. Long time since I saw her. I guess you are seeing her for the first time. Harish and his relatives have warned her against speaking with me since I left home. He does not want her to become our type.”

I looked again at the girl. She was issuing the next pass. I somehow felt her eyes were wet.