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Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013

The Varieties of Dompu Culture (by Nurul Hidayati)

Dompu is one of regency at NTB profince, lied at Sumbawa island and close ti Bima regency. The majority of religion of Dompu is moslem, so almost all of school and the government’s office at Dompu treat islam rule. 

Talking about culture at Dompu, that is not too different with Bima, couse Dompu and Bima have same stool. Begin from language, Dompu and Bima have same language, but almost every village at Dompu have different dialect.  

And then about the marriage’s traditional. The peoples at Dompu know about “Mbolo Weki” traditional. Usually the family of the bride do this traditional before marriage. “Mbolo Weki” tradition is tradition where the people give some contribution like money for the bride’s family. And then contribution is used to pay the cost of that marriage.
The people believe that this traditional can to tighten the friendship at everyone, so almost every marriage always do this tradition. Can’t be explain one by one. 
Lakey Beach Wave
 Beside the culture, Dompu also have many tourism like some beach. But lakey beach is the most famous beach. Cause lakey beach is one of the best place for surfing, so many tourist especially from foreign country.
Though Dompu is a small city but Dompu have so many unique culture, which different from the other.