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Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013

The Varieties Culture's of Dompu (Abdul Gafur) Mahasiswa Al-Amin Dompu

Dompu in Map
Dompu is a city located in southern west Nusa precisely on the island of Sumbawa for Dompu own culture is diverse but all the differences that remain to be well received among the Dompu for itself. An outline of the Dompu still apply all the cultures that exist throughout Dompu. The culture is a legacy from their parents or heritage from our ancestors.

Ancestor Dompu said there are two things that must remain in place and have to preserved for our children and descendants as no later, that religion and culture. Only two things are very valuable addition to the legacy of the abandoned property.  Physical evidence left behind by the culture and ancestral heritage as well as a lot of people Dompu one example Mbuju.

This ritual is performed by the Dompuness, when there “Rawi Rasa”, which means village event either married of circumcision. This show is done before the day event was held secret. A said from those that his name Mbuju, “Kapanca” was a ritual the indigenous majority Dompu done. At night and it’s certain the tomorrow is the core event held all the above description. Is Dompu and culture still preserved to this day because has familiar with ethnic people Dompu. 

Dompu people said that if there is some short of ritual event it seems odds that there are less special impression. From it all people can be recognized Dompu people does not mean at still primitive Dompu, because the Dompu very high regard and greatly appreciate the culture heritage of their ancestors.