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Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013

Dompu Varieties Culture (ARIEF AKBAR)

The Map of Dompu Regency

 Dompu is very unique cultural characteristic, on of which Gantao. Gantao is on of evidence ancestral culture heritage in Dompu. Performances of the event, every parent to child.

Gantao also a typical traditional art Dompu, and to date it has not become extinct because of this sort of thing is rarely done, and it the evidence watched again certainly very crowded.

Cultural heritage is one of the attraction for every tribe and event pride for a place  that has the culture. Not infrequently is said foreigners wanting to adopt the majority culture in Indonesia, because Indonesian’s culture is very unique, preserving the culture does not mean that a class or group primitive, the reason why ……? This is because we as a form of love forward the nation including our homeland as the Dompu also have a sense of full responsibility for the preservation of this culture.