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Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Bali and Lombok Island

Bali and Lombok Island
Article By Rusdin S. Pd
Bali Map
Bali and Lombok Island lied in south east of Indonesia. Both of them are famous ones in Indonesia. The capital of Bali is Denpasar and Lombok is Mataram. Both of them are lid by a Governor. Bali and Lombok are so close each other, Bali lied in the west part of Lombok while Lombok lied in the east of Bali, which separated by Bali strait. To crossing to Bali from Lembar to Padang bay harbor needed time about 6 hours by ferry or by plane about half an hour. 
Bali is bigger then Lombok and both of these islands have very unique culture and life style. The second name of Bali is Dewata island which means that Balinese believe to Hindu religion and most of Balinese are Hinduism around 99 % and other are Islam and Christian so small number round 1 %. Balinese is busy with their ceremonials almost every day, but the biggest ceremonials are Galungan and Kuningan. So what about in Lombok island let we research, most of Lombokness or we can say Sasak are Moslem around 95 % and so it’s well-known as an island of a thousand of mosque, others are Hindu and Christian around 5 %. Both of these islands are have rich of tourisms object, in every year so many visitors come to Bali and Lombok for sight seeing or to enjoy the beautiful panorama and watch event of ceremonials. 
Kinds of similarity between Bali and Lombok, we can research that Bali and Lombok have rich of tourisms object let we check first in Bali, so Bali have lot of interesting places to visit like in Kute the central of tourism object and other are Sanur, Dream land, Lovina beach, Seminyak, Legian and many other places, and what about in Lombok? Well Lombok is rich of tourisms object like, Senggigi, Kute Lombok, Bangko-bangko and Gilis Island. Other similarities are both of islands have isles which in Bali are Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Nusa Dua and many other isles, in Lombok are Gili Trawangan, Gili meno, Gili air, Gili lawang, and many other isles. 
Lombok Map
 Both of Bali and Lombok Islands are rich of plenty coral reefs around the beaches, most visitors do scuba diving, snorkeling, cruiser and dive packages, and experience the thrill of parasailing or enjoying the underwater world from the comfort of submersible coral viewer, which they can enjoy thousand kinds of fishes and coral reefs, and have many sites of surfing places round beaches which the surfer so easy to find or to chose which ones they want to. Others have rich of white of sandy beaches around the beaches so that many tourists enjoy sunbathing on it. While the accommodation and restaurant in both of these islands are provided from Home stays, Bungalows, Villas up to five star Hotels.
The differences of Bali and Lombok are so many let we check in culture; first in society, the society of Bali are believe to mystic, arrest to devils which they Religion is Hindu, most the people of Bali are Hinduism. Let research of Lombok, most people of Lombok believe to the God of Allah which Allah Created of the World and all of intense, which we knew is Islam; most of Lombokness or Sasak are Moslem. In the life style both of Bali and Lombok people have many kinds differences, Bali have much ceremonials then Lombok, example Galungan, Kuningan, Barong and others, make the visitor involved to watch that happen. By that ceremonial they believe that their God protects them as their worship to the God. The languages using, Bali have own language which called Baliness, and Lombok as well which called Sasak but both of them using Indonesian as the National language.
The specific ones are in air transportations Bali has the international airport, namely is Ngurah Rai airport, which placed in Denpasar, while in Lombok has not the international airport, it just has local airport, namely Selaparang which placed in Mataram.
The conclusion about what has explained above is that Bali and Lombok Island have many kinds of similarities and differences, especially in culture and life style. So, it has become Bali and Lombok are well-known by visitors who come from abroad like Australia, America, Japan, and other countries in Europe.