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General Information about Journal:

Tittle                           : Issues of TEYL in Indonesian and What Parent Can do About It?
Author                        : Nugrahenny T. Zacharias
Amount of page         : 88 Pages
Publication                 : Asian EFL Journal of English Language Teaching.
  Vol. 6/Number 2 • October 2010
A.    Introduction
This journal write by the author namely Nugrahenny T. Zacharias with the title Issues of TEYL in Indonesian and What Parent Can do about it? And was published in Asian journal with volume 6/November 2 October 2010. This journal completely describe about the issue of TEYL in Indonesia since the TEYL apply to young learner. The pages covered 88 pages include of introduction, subtopic such as four issues of the quality of English inputs, issues of multilingual competence, issues of teaching quality, and, most importantly, issues of national identities also the role of parent in helping the young learner in accordance.
In general the writer of this article tries to describe the other part of how to the teacher and parent of young learner aware of building their capability in their language acquisition. The author in detail figure the parent should do for their children in learning of foreign language.

B.     Background
This article prompts the author by her condition as a mother of her son born in Pennynsilvania US when she was completed PhD. Her son name is Ben born in there as the sample she takes for her completed article about issue of TEYL in Indonesia and what can parent do? Is all about. So Ben born there with his monolingual country but he simultaneously trilingual with English, mandarin, and Indonesian.  When they move to Indonesia her son of Ben naturally changed he was exposed to Indonesian and Javanese on a daily basis.
Being a novice in the TEYL and a mom of a 22-month old, Ben is a driving force for her to write her article. Based on the author experience about Ben acquiring the language attempt the author to accommodate her initial, yet growing, understanding and curiosity of the TEYL in Indonesian contexts.
In Indonesia preschools with English-only or bilingual approaches have increasingly established and gained popularity among parents and children. To parents who favor TEYL, teaching English since early age is believed to be more effective as children’s brains are believed to absorb language easily. The mastery of English is also perceived to be a valuable investment for the child’s future. However, some people view TEYL in Indonesia with a more critical eye. This is especially because TEYL starts as early as two years old when the young learners’ mother tongue, Indonesian, has not been acquired fully. As a result, many are worried if the acquisition of English would sacrifice the acquisition and quality of Indonesian, the nation lingua franca.

C.    Critical Analysis
The paper focus on central purposed of Issues of TEYL in Indonesian and What Parent Can do about it, the method were used by the author in this article to accomplish the purpose of the journal is based on the phenomena teaching English to young learner in Indonesia. The abstract states that the issue TEYL in Indonesia is through reflective parental approach, this paper encourages parents to be an active agent in monitoring and exploring their own children’s multilingual language development Parents need to be aware that exposing children to language, either through home or educational institutions.

1.      Straightness
a.       The parental approach to support young learner need that parent can play more active role in complexity of TEYL in Indonesia.
b.      The author used four issues to support her finding data correlate with the title. Four titles she put are issues of the quality of English inputs, issues of multilingual competence, issues of teaching quality, and, most importantly, issues of national identities.
2.      Weaknesses 
a.       The paper needs more discussion of existing literature, and needs make theoretical basis clearer.
b.      The author take just one of sample children based on her son to support her qualifies data gathering.
c.       In teaching quality the author tell the lacking of necessary teaching skill and knowledge to teach to TEYL but there is not I can find the solution she offer for the young teacher in completely.

D.    Comment
To me, the logic of the paper is difficult to follow. It will be very helpful if the author would like to make a precise research question that will guide the storyline of the paper and the reader to understand the paper. The introduction should describe why this topic is interesting and relevant.
The issue of TEYL in Indonesia and what parents do should be justified, and it needs more elaboration in the theoretical section. The information about what kinds of parent do about the issue of TEYL should be always taken into account when presenting findings and discussion. It will be nice to have a new figure of the contextualized teaching English to young learner with the main findings presented in the finding section. Another figure of the extended TEYL as recommended by the author will be helpful to understand the contributions of the paper in the discussion or conclusion section. Also be aware that TEYL has been broad to the parents.
Presentation of the findings should be improved. The description is too general and it needs a more specific examples. Referring to the mains concepts of TEYL and what parent can do, the findings should describe what is the problems of teaching English to young learner, what objective manner as the parent to follow, etc. Once the author has setup a research question in outset, the discussion part may focus to answer the research question, and the framework should guide the discussion.
In considering that the author has taken the cases based on the author’s experience son since her son born in America when the author take the PhD for the field work, I believe that there must be a lot of information obtained. The problem here is about presenting it in a more logical way to make the paper easier to follow and to be understood.
Overall, the paper needs to be reorganized. Within an area of concern a particular research interest is a ‘research question’ which will be research using a research approach in association with a relevant framework? The research is performed with a specific data collection, which may be influenced by framework and the empirical data are analyzed with data analysis in which framework may be used.

E.     Conclusion
This article touches one side of which is less given attention by academic experts about the teaching TEYL in Indonesia and this article able to give effect to the awareness of parents in understanding the dynamics of multilingualism language teaching foreign language in Indonesia.
Although the assessment is based on the experience of living in America when the author taking philosophy of doctoral but author have strong experience and an explanation of the TEYL and concern of parents of children's language development is important for parents to help procurement of more than one language and two or called multilingualism. Thus, research related to TEYL is something high need to help parents to child language development is also government policy in making decisions so TEYL in Indonesia could be better and can be like the country have been apply TEYL in successful like in Korean and Japan.