Al-Hasan Al-Basri : "kalian tidak lebih dari sekumpulan hari-hari, setiap pergi satu hari, maka berarti pergi juga sebagian dari kalian" Rusdin

Senin, 10 September 2012


Formerly, women worked only at home. They cleaned, cooked, carry their children and did all the house work. In the mean time, men earned money and worked outside. They didn’t use to see their children very much, except on weekends.
Today, however, family life has changed. Many women can work outside as well. They too, come home tired in the evening and are seldom at home with their children. They can’t spend the evening cooking dinner. They don’t have much time to clean the house or wash the clothes.
Who is going to do the house work and take care of the children now?
The answer may be different for every family. They can get help easily today. Servant is one of the best assistants. They can hire one or more baby sitter now or leave their children at the day care centers while they are working.
I.      Answer these questions briefly based on the text!
1.       What did the women do in the past?
2.       Was men’s responsibility for the family?
3.       How are the women today?
4.       Why can’t women do the housework today?
5.       Who takes care of children now?